3 years

3 years

3 years

10,5 years. Photo: Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen

11 years

Born: 23.04.1986 - 13.01.2000

You were one in a million
you were special to me
Affectionate, loyal and good company
The look in your eyes
said you understand
You were there when I was lonely
and offered a comforting paw
You never deserted me
wherever I went
You were a far better friend
than some people I know


Cea- and HD-clear

Breeder: Merja Räsänen, kennel Zinnia's

Owner: Marja-Liisa Aapaoja, kennel Golden Mist

16 x CC, 6 x CACIB, 6 x rCACIB

2 x BIG-1, 2 x BIG-2, 2 x BIG-3, BIG-5


BOB, BIS-2 and BEST IN SHOW -veteran
at Finnish Collie Club Main Chow -94

In Veteran Class:
14 x BOB-vet, 7 x BOS-vet

***** Top Veteran Rough Collie in Finland 1994 *****

***** Top Sable Show Collie in Finland 1995 *****

***** Top Sable Show Collie Male in Finland 1990 & 1992 & 1994 *****

***** One of The Most Succesful sable Males in Finland! *****

Snoopy's last show was in summer -99: he was still BOB-veteran at over 13 years of age!

Father Of
!!! NORDIC-Winner 2000 !!!
!!! Top Collie 2000 !!!
!!! Kopenhagen Winner 2002 !!!

Int & Nord & Fin & S & N & Dk & Est & Rus Ch, NordW-00 & KbhW-02 & EstW-06 Cesamen Citizen X

Steadlyn Striking-Scoop

Lynaire All In Black Gb Ch Karava Kornishman
Gb Ch Lynaire Chiquitita
Steadlyn Kat's-Knickers Sandiacre Star Billing
N Ch Steadlyn Femme-Fatale
Zinnia's Sweet Sleepyhead Steadlyn Devil-Deserter Int & N Ch Blue-of-Blues
Steadlyn Thom-Thumb-Tri
Niittykasteen Daniela Holyrood Black-Easy
Fin Ch Niittykasteen Indira