6 years

16 months

14 months

14 months

Born: 03.11.2006 - 09.01.2016

3 x CC, 2 x resCC, 3 x CACIB, 2 x resCACIB, 2 x BOB

2 x BOB-junior
(at Int show)

Breeder/ Owner: Marja-Liisa Aapaoja, Kennel Golden Mist

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Int & Nord & Fi & Se & No & Ru Ch
Wicani Wren-Noir

Wicani Alfa Romay'o
At Rickwood
Rickwood Alfie
Gb Ch Wicani
Darling Buds Of May
Wicani Willow Wren Stokedale
Shadow Of The Night
Skylinner Lady
At Stokedale
Wicani Aquamarine Wicani Willow Pattern Jp Ch
Wicani Wild Maylstrom
Wicani Willow Wren
Moonlight On Water
Wicani Formula One
Wicani Dance By Moonlight